TALK – What student life at Talk Academy is like according to Julie

Talk 2

Hello, guys. I’m Julie.

It felt very nice because my teachers speak well of me. I just tried to improve my English skill and studied happily with my teachers. Actually, I have never had the class time that I felt bored while listening to my class. I think the most important thing is to use a lot of English in Communication.

First, try the English Only Policy challenge. When I was an EOP challenger, certainly it’s helpful to improve my English. Occasionally, you have to be careful because you’re Korean so you can speak Korean unconsciously.

Second, listen to night class speech. You can get the motivation to speak English through speech class. In my case, after doing speech class homework, I usually become a zombie because it’s a high-level class.

But when you speak English, you can get confidence and check your English skill such as delivery, content, grammar, and pronunciation.

Also, Teacher Venn is the best teacher I’ve ever had but sometimes he is crazy. Anyway, thanks to him for helping me. Lastly, during your stay here, I want you to try to be recognized by your friends and teachers in English.

If we have both in mind, you will be able to do everything. I hope you enjoy your life with English.

Thank you very much.

— Julie

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