MONOL – Learn from Ria why Baguio is a wonderful city to study

My first day in Baguio was on April 16, 2017. At first, I had no idea about this city. What I know was I’d be here for eight weeks. When I saw and rode a jeepney for the first time, I felt excited since I never thought I would have the chance to experience such a cool vehicle in my life. Riding a jeepney is very cheap and a kind way to explore local life.

One day when I was doing my homework, I suddenly saw a complete and big rainbow outside. I rushed out of my room and took some pictures. At first, I thought those wires were ugly and messy that would destroy the picture; however, I came up with another feeling. “Messy wires bring a different beauty.” When we face something bad, we can turn it around by changing our perspective. I started to see things in a more positive way.

One Friday evening, my roommate invited me to go to Puregold on foot. Along the way, we found that Baguio is really a simple and silent city. We were impressed with every scenery here.

Two weeks ago, I went to Burnham Park with my roommates. However, we lost our way and had no idea how to get there. Later, we passed by a university and asked for help. Finally, a kind professor guided us and even shared about the origin of Burnham Park and how it got his name. We discovered that not only scenes but also people in Baguio are wonderful. We spent the whole day enjoying or stay in the park.

The next morning, I woke up early and went to the gym alone and noticed how pretty it was to see the view from the gym.


I did really enjoy every moment of my stay in Baguio and I’ll continue to enjoy it until I leave Baguio. I’m quite lucky to have the chance to live in Baguio. I’m quite lucky to have the chance to live in Baguio for eight weeks. It’s the most unforgettable memory I have.

— Ria


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