Speaking English fluently is really important especially for people who are looking for a better job opportunity like me. I can honestly say that I’m really struggling when it comes to communicating with clients using English.
So last year, I was determined to practice and improve my English skill. I searched information about English schools from the internet and there were a lot of relevant information about it. I believe that English schools in the Philippines mostly suited my needs.

silvia (1)

After selecting carefully and thinking deeply, I chose Monol as my English school. Weather in Baguio is very comfortable that’s why I picked this institute. I like the cool breeze in the morning and the showery weather in the afternoon. Aside from that, I prefer the school’s location. It’s far from the city center and it’s surrounded with trees. I love looking at the view from the top floor. When I’m tired, I usually go there and enjoy the scenery because it makes me relaxed and happy.

silvia (2)
The clear sky on a sunny day and the colorful sun set at dusk are truly wonderful to see. I’m really lucky to be in such a wonderful school. I will surely enjoy every moment especially when I’m with my friends from other country. Truly, learning in Monol is really fun.

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