Our Modern City and the English Education

Philippines is a land of diversity, culture and welcomes a lot of tourist, expats and students each year.  It is also listed as one of most the English-speaking country in the world.  Relatively because, major Cities in the country like Manila, Cebu and Baguio has established an outstanding educational hub in the country.


Let’s talk about in Baguio City, its modernization and the significant factors which led the city atop of promising places to be.  There are several changes from decades ago that contributed to the growing city. It is because of the immigrants, international tourists and expats.  Because of them, we had economic development, tourism inclination, dining and lifestyle preference, and mostly education.

The modern City of Pines immersed to learning providers for the English language as a source of income that caters foreign students from different parts of Asia like China, Japan, and Korea.  This urged the formation of our Baguio English Schools Association and continuously providing quality education for our English learners.

Nowadays, it is very visible how the economy of the city had grown and is not inferior to other big cities in the country. Because of these changes, many names were created to call the city such as “service center” and the “nerve center of economy” of Northern Luzon, famous for “food tourism”, and mostly “The Educational Center of the North”.

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