The Anticipated Weather Seasons of Baguio City

Nationally, there are only two types of weather that we experience throughout the year.  It is the wet or the rainy season and the dry or the summer season.

We start experiencing the wet season sometime in May and typhoons mostly struck from June to October.  Our country usually has around 22 typhoons a year.  As many people would prefer staying at home, feeling sad of the pouring rain, instead, it is the time to appreciate Baguio because of the oozing sweet scent of pine trees that the city is famous with.   Another thing is the breezy weather from the mountains after the rain and the fog touching the ground.  But because of the elevated location, Baguio City experienced foggy atmosphere at any time especially to some specific places.


The dry season on the other hand, is the time to enjoy and show off summer outfits.  Though Baguio is one of the tourist destinations during this season, you can still encounter the hot weather here due to the major changes in our tropical climate.  As the Summer Capital of the Philippines, lots of activities and attractions should be tried while in the city.  You could also explore to nearby towns to make your summer well spent.


But you might be wondering what goes with the others months of the year.  As the weather is sometimes unexpected, there is constant rain and sunny days aside from the seasonal months.  However, Baguio City on the months of November to February records the coldest that it can be.  Along with other places here in Cordillera, you can even witness frost, to image how cold it is.


That is why Baguio city is different among other cities with English academies and this weather advantage is an edge to impart with.  Above all, it does not hinder learning and is very promising for study.

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