Philippine National Heroes Day

 What is National Heroes Day? And when is it celebrated in the Philippines?


This is a day for Philippines to honor the country’s heroes. It is considered a national public holiday in the country and is held on the last or fourth Monday of every August. National Heroes Day is celebrated this coming Monday, 28th of August for this year 2017. ” Araw ng mga Bayani” is a Filipino term for it.


This is to acknowledge the good deeds of numerous Filipino people and also to identify their achievements, hard work and life to make a better Philippines.  This specifically includes the fight for freedom of our country.  Every year it is followed by a parade in the street with great job and enthusiasm. Although in the past, November 30th was the start of Heroes Day. This had to be changed in order to tribute all fellow men and women of this beautiful Nation.


Some of the important heroes of the Philippines are Dr. Jose Rizal – The National Hero, Andres Bonifacio – The Great Plebian and Father of the Katipunan, General Emilio Aguinaldo – President of the First Philippine Republic, Apolinario Mabini – Sublime Paralytic and Brains of the Revolution, Julian Felipe – Composer of the Philippine National Anthem, Lapu-Lapu – Chieftain of Mactan Who Killed Magellan, First Filipino Hero and Marcela Mariño Agoncillo – Maker of the First Filipino Flag.

There were over 40 in number of these heroes that impacted the history of the country and their contribution for our independence. We also have the so called unsung heroes of today who are contributing, on the other hand for the economic growth and education.

They are the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and the Teachers.  Respectively, we also consider our family as our own hero, mostly our parents.  We salute these heroes, and this heroes day is a time to reminisce and commemorate their good deeds.

Image by: SailingBehanceeverything

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