Tips on Making Friends While Studying

Make friends while studying?

Going to school can be fun but it’s obviously terrifying in the beginning if it’s in a foriegn country. It is all about meeting new people from different walks of life. Socializing is important and this is all about experimenting and getting to know new people.

BESA Schools offers an international playground for its students. This is a way how you can mingle with other students and the people around to have fun time after class. As they say, “the perks of studying is to make friends”.

Here are some tips to help you better:

1. Introduce yourself with one another.


2. Participate in activities and events.

3. Invite your friends for dinner.


4. Be confident and talk to people

5. Learn to experiment and learn new things.

6. Get to know one’s culture.


7. Don’t spend much of your time in the room.


8. Worry less about speaking proficiently in English.


9. Communication is the key of making friends.


10. Make effort to approach them and start getting to know them.

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