Baguio English Communication Institute (BECI) provides excellent English language exposure to all individuals who have chosen English as their medium of communication for survival or professional quests and to promote international and intercultural understanding.

Last July 22, 2017, a request letter was forwarded to the school requesting to hold an outreach program in their newly opened school (Tadiangan Elementary School) located at Tuba Benguet. The school offers kindergarten to grade 6 level. Most of the pupils belong to indigent families and the school was open to cater relocated families due to typhoons. Some of their parents are handicapped-mostly blind.

Knowing BECI as a very accommodating school, they promptly arranged an appropriate program for the said school. Teachers and students were then given a task to do such as calligraphy, origami and a few culture presentations from the Japanese students, song, dance and games from the Korean students. Vietnamese students taught the children basic arts and daily used expressions in their mother tongue. Taiwanese and Chinese students introduced traditional games. Teachers also performed dance aerobics and some academic games.

BECI management also prepared some gifts for the kids like school supplies, art materials for their arts classes, raincoats, umbrellas and snacks to enlighten their day. Since the elementary school is also lacking facilities for their pupils, our school also decided to donate mono block tables and chairs for their daily activities.  Our students from different countries enjoyed interacting and communicating with them. They learned a lot of culture differences through them. This outreach program also served as the students’ hands-on experience on interacting with the local people using English language.

BECI advocates learning through community exposure, so learning English is fun if you try to go beyond the school premises. So come and experience the fun and excitement of learning and meeting people with different cultures. Be one with BECI!

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