Comparison between Manila, Cebu and Baguio

These 3 Cities are the best places to study according to many students.

As a resident of Baguio, I would personally choose Baguio because of the culture, art, its numerous tourism on mountains, and mostly the weather. The people of this city is also one factor that will make yo stay here, because the natives can converse in English due to the history of colonization.

Manila is a big city. That is why there’s always full of traffic, taxi drivers don’t return your change, takes advantage of you, and too much pollution and over crowded with different diversity of people. For employment I would recommend you here because there are numbers of Companies, Events and offers more opportunities.

About Cebu, it is a proper City that offers a lot of Hotels, Resorts, Nightlife, Food Courts, Malls and Tourist Attraction. Which is why Cebu is also known as “The Queen City of the South”. This place would ideally be for good taking vacation or a weekend off with your friends, family and even your love ones.

On the other hand, Manila is in the National Capital Region or at the center of the Philippines while Baguio is at the Northern part of the country.

In studying, especially in English learning, Philippines is one of the top excellent providers of education. All three cities have different things to offer and actually incomparable. What needs to be considered is your personal preference which of these cities would you choose.


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