Filipino hospitality at its best

Filipinos are known for their hospitality with greeting and accommodating guests, as well as students. It doesn’t matter what country or place you are from . We provide our best to accommodate visitors. Everywhere you go here, they tend to greet new people.


Here are some points that Filipino are hospitable to you. You usually hear these words “Good Morning Sir/Ma’am” or “Hi Sir!” or “Hi Ma’am!” and, “How can I help you?” etc.

If it is your first time in the Philippines, first that you will hear is “Mabuhay” which is intended to mean “Welcome to the Philippines”.


Here, people value the meaning of friendship. We invite visitors inside our community. We also make sure the best food is always served to it’s guests.

There are many who sees this as a positive trait. But there is also a negative connotation about being hospitable, because people here have the tendency to offer more for the visitors even when they don’t really have. That’s how they accommodate here.

Now, let’s talk about Filipino hospitality towards foreign students.

Filipino teachers are known to be very friendly and outgoing. They can be a great companion too. Our teachers here at BESA schools are willing to assist you step by step of completing your course. And they value the best interest for their students.

Teaching with heart and passion is always effective for learners, rather than teaching for the sake of teaching.

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