MONOL – 8 Things to Know When You Study at Monol

Maha, now a graduate, lists down the things you need to remember when you are studying at  Monol International Education Institute. 

1. When you arrive at Monol, as much as possible, spend a lot of time with different nationalities.

There is a limit to improving your English skills if you do not have much time like me. However, if you often communicate and travel with other people, you improve not only English skills but also learn and experience many things while spending time with friends. That is one of the advantages of studying in Monol.

2. I think if you want to improve properly, it is better to study at least three months.

In my case, I have studied in Monol for two months but it is definitely not enough. Before coming here, I got some advice that two months is not enough and some people also felt it ended when they were about to be fluent. I totally agree with that.

3. To finish one step does not mean you do not need to study anymore.

I am planning to continue studying English thru online classes as soon as I arrive in Korea. I think ‘after’ my journey in Monol, it is more important to maintain and to continue developing skills.

4. If you have free time after classes, I suggest you watch American dramas or movies.

You can learn some expressions on what the native speakers are using. You can download or register to streaming websites and access them in your dormitory.


a view from the dormitory window

5. You need to prepare a vocabulary book.

I realized vocabulary is very important. When you want to say something, the proper words should pop up immediately! Recall and memorize! If you take the time to get words from your vocabulary bank, it might already be too late for you to respond during a conversation. It is better for you to start checking easy words from your high school English books before coming here.

6. Bring a tumbler or buy here.

Monol has water dispensers at each floor. If you have your own bottle, it is very useful. But in my case, I just buy bottled water time to time, not so expensive 🙂

7. Monol is not Sparta when it comes to controlling and managing studying habits.

You have to prepare yourself to focus on English and have concrete goals. If you cannot control yourself, it will be difficult to improve a lot the way you want.

8. The obstacle to go over from a level to a higher one is the vocabulary, I think.

Lastly, I hope Monol publishes a vocabulary book with a list of useful words, expressions, and idioms. I noticed that when students reach to some certain level in English, their problems are vocabulary and their ability in applying what they learned. Since everyone knows how important words are, if Monol makes and distributes it, students will appreciate and equip themselves well.

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