TALK – Yu Jin Jo shares the reality of learning English

3When I decided to come here, it was very easy, but achieving something is actually very difficult. Reality is not easy to overcome.

Honestly, I have forgotten how difficult it is to achieve something. However, now, I realized that effort never tell a lie and life doesn’t always go my way.

When I was still working in my previous company, I used to think that except working, I can do everything.

In our world, things that are easy to get doesn’t exist. Even if we do get it easily, it is also easy to lose. When I came here, at first, I asked myself, “What is a subject? What is a verb? Everything was alien to me. Of course, because I didn’t have any idea about the structure and concept of English.

However, thanks to my teacher, now, I don’t have any fear of not knowing about English. But I also know that I have to exert more effort to study more.

In conclusion, it was exhausting, but I know my decision was correct. I will never forget Baguio life. I did not only study English, but I was also healed physically and mentally. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude towards everything.

 — Yu Jin Jo “YUJIN”

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