TALK – Why Choi Seong Rae doesn’t regret studying at Baguio City

gBefore I came here, I could speak only yes or no, and some words. My confidence was going low, and that’s how I decided to go to the Philippines. I could learn not only basic but also high-level English.

Actually, I had just good skills in examination, but here, I could have an actual conversation with Filipinos and even native speakers. I learned a lot of expression in here. I had various experience as well.

TALK Academy has so many good teachers.

They always try to teach the students very well. I didn’t regret I came here. I’m able to communicate with foreigners through TALK Academy. Actually, I’m not fluent and perfect, but I already have the confidence to speak English. And I will continue definitely talking with people.

I improved my English skills in here. I’m really thankful to my teachers. I will study English more when I go back to Korea. TALK Academy already has many good teachers, so everything is in your hands.

Thanks to my teachers. Thanks to TALK Academy! I will not forget this and never forget you. I’m cheering for you!

— Choi Seong Rae “JAKE”

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