TALK – Know about Lee Sang Il’s struggle on his first days at the academy

7When I arrived in this academy, first, I was disappointed about my life there. However, when I entered my room at dawn, my roommate taught me what to do, so I was very impressed with his kindness.

My first week was hard because I was not familiar speaking in English and I had a difficulty to get along with strangers. However, after 2 weeks, I felt at ease and comfortable with this academy and the people around me.

To further improve my skill, I knew I had to study hard. I believe all my classes helped me improve my speaking, grammar, reading, listening skills especially my confidence to speak English. Joining night class also benefited me in terms of my pronunciation.

In conclusion, I don’t want to leave this academy because it is where I met good people and made precious memories. Finally, I can use English freely and confidently, so I’m grateful to all my teachers.

 — Lee Sang Il “DEgAN”

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