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Here at Pines International Academy, we make sure that students enjoy both study and leisure. Surely, you’ve seen our students in action during our sports events (Zumba, basketball, badminton and volleyball). You’ve also seen photos and videos of our successful social events (Friendship Night and city tour). Well then, what’s next?

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Pines brings more fun and excitement with another activity—this time focusing on academics. It’s high time to test our students and challenge them with the English language.

Check Your Words with Pines’ Vocabulary Competition

One way to test students’ exposure to a language is to assess the range of their vocabulary. Students from both Refresher Course Department and Bridging Course Department made good use of their free time and participated in this 10-minute competition.

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The students had to guess the words flashed on the screen and write them down on the answer sheets. On the first round, a photo was shown together with the first letter of the corresponding word. On the second round, they had to choose the correct synonym of the word from multiple choices.


Common terms from various categories came up. Here are some of the words: “iron”, “poison”, “chemistry”, “magnet”, and “social networking sites”. Other useful words like “valuable”, “brighten” and “able” were also included on the list.

Hiromi and Wisdom said the event was difficult but fun and useful at the same time. They said they realized that they have much more to learn, especially common words.

The champions for this week, Hikaru and Junya, expressed similarly that the competition was difficult. They attended just to get experience and it turns out that it was in fact a good one!

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Intermediate students share their passion for Speaking

Bridging Students attended the first Thursday installment of Passion in Action speech session. The speech session was attended by international students from Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and China. After a preparation time of 15 seconds, the participants were asked to come up with a speech from the topic they have picked. The theme for today’s speech session is “Colors”.

Students have different reasons for joining the activity. One of the reasons is exercising self –confidence which is the main purpose of the event. According to Manager Jack Lee, when students have more exposure on speech events, they will get used to it and that will result to solid self-confidence. One Japanese student joined because it’s her last day in the Philippines and she wants to share her insights before going back to her country. Another purpose of the event is meeting new friends.

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Teacher Jordan gave meaningful comment towards the last part of the session. In general, all students are confident. He also tackled the importance of proper posture and gesture when holding a speech.He also added that it is not advisable to put the hands together while rendering the speech.

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Over-all, the Passion in Action speech session was a success on its launch. This is an event in the Bridging Campus that is held every Thursday 12:45-1:15 PM.

Everyone is Invited

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Join the next session and share your thoughts to everyone. Also, you will get freebies like coffee and Choco Mucho snack. You might also win a new friend or get to meet a new teacher.

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