BECI – Trick or Treat! Halloween Fair 2017

“Halloween is a holiday of fun and creativity and many people enjoy letting their imaginations run wild this time of the year.”

Whether academic or social engagement, BECI is always on top of the list. The academy has always been promoting balanced between language performance and camaraderie among students of different nationalities. Monthly activities are conducted to divert academic challenges into fun.

Guest & judges were invited to rate the performances in selected team presentations.  Halloween make-up mania, Halloween race, minute to win it and Halloween fashion show was showcased to add excitement to the said activity.

Now, trick or treat BECI Halloween Fair Edition 2017 has been launched targeting students to openly engage and contribute their perception about the international  celebration of the day of the departed.

Teachers on the other hand, have been in charge of the photo booth and some not so spooky but creepy activities. After everyone was entertained, a feast (Samgyeupsal Party) has been prepared for all students to partake.



  • Minute to Win It Champion: Group 3 (Team Sparta)
  • Halloween Make-up Mania: Group 4 (IELTS & TOEIC department)
  • Halloween Race: Group 3 (Team Sparta)
  • King of the Ramp: Student Aki (Japanese)
  • Queen of the Ramp: Student Heather (Japanese)
  • Overall Champion: TEAM SPARTA


  • Best in Booth Competition: Aisle C & D
  • Most Participative Group: Aisle G & H
  • Darling of the Crowd: Teacher Ann & Teacher Cheng

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