English Everywhere!

The Philippines stays in the top spots of proficient English-speaking countries.

It’s a fact that is kinda surprising to other countries. Foreign celebrities and tourists get amazed how prevalent the English language is, making their travel easier and enjoyable. Tearing down the barrier also made it easy for them to build relationships with the locals, realizing another proof of the Filipino’s hospitality.

It is written in the history how the English language started in the Philippines. The hundreds of years of colonization had brought the country into a cosmopolitan culture, and as a result, it affected the language of the people.


It is an advantage of the Philippines to have learned from the Americans themselves of what had become the universal language. The opportunities and the possibilities while possessing the English language are so huge that it became part of our official languages aside from Filipino.

It all started in our basic education but had proliferated through our continuous use.

Our education sees English as the medium of instruction from grade school up to the highest degree one can achieve. It is also the medium in the national government sector during Senate hearing, judicial even, and political gatherings.


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English is known to be the language of prestige. The elites of the country are usually fluent speakers.

Thus, it is recognized in the business industry as an asset to enter the international market. Being able to communicate with clients in English offers an array of business transactions.

It is also a necessity to be proficient in English if an individual wants to work on a prestigious company. One great example is the rise of business processing outsourcing, wherein the Philippines becomes the best country to invest in.


The mass media also help in the exposure of Filipinos to the English language. It serves well in the signage, advertisement, product description, and brochures. People say that it is much easier to understand the product in English rather than translated in Filipino.



The Philippine does not chiefly translate Hollywood movies or put Filipino subtitles on any English video materials.

So, the situation is all the same to the crowded cities of the country. Just like Manila, Baguio is a haven of diversity that English is everywhere!

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