BECI – Christmas Spirit in Baguio

Have you ever wished to see Christmas once again through a child’s eyes? Kids usually feel a deep-seated form of happiness during the holiday season, and that is exactly what happened as BECI welcomes Christmas here in Baguio City. The “kid” in all of us were awakened as we witnessed the grand opening of the season last Dec. 1, 2017.

The day started as we participated in the chalk walk freedom art along Session road. Students together with BECI staffs created an artistic greeting card which displayed the creative side of the participants. After which, we secured the best spot for watching Saint Louis University’s Annual Lantern Parade “One Heart, One Mission: The CICM Journey.” It was commenced by the fireworks display and subsequently followed by Colorful lanterns were showcased representing the different provinces were Christian missionaries voyage in the Philippines. We then reserved a spot in Athletic Bowl to witness the breathtaking performances of the students.

The colorful lanterns left the crowd in awe as grand fireworks display all over Baguio City shone with the city lights and the simultaneous opening of the Grand Christmas Tree in Rose Garden, Burnham Park concluded the holiday quest.

It was a memorable experience which would remain in our child-like hearts and minds.