4 Ways How BESA Makes Your Learning Unique and Worthwhile

Smaller class means more focus.

The traditional teaching is done with a large number of students and a teacher in a wide classroom. The teacher has to speak louder than usual, trying to make the lessons audible for the whole class even at the students at the rear of the room.

This kind of setup reduces the absorption of knowledge since there will be a lot of barring factors involve between teachers and students. The top barring factor is the noise, which may come from the students themselves. With the number, it is so hard to control the crowd.

Because communication is not at its peak potential, the students don’t get to understand the pieces of information being conveyed.

group classes (2)

Group Class

A class with lesser students cuts the distance from the teacher. Talking to the students became easier, and consequently, a good flow of communication gives birth to a relationship. Then, learning process also becomes natural.

BESA’s group class consists of 4 students and a teacher. This is ideal to have a very personal approach to teaching and learning. The student can ask the teachers readily and bond with the other students like friends.

Native Teachers (3)

1:1 Class

One on one class is totally perfect in learning anything at maximum level. Because there is no other student, there is lesser pressure in asking questions or clarifying things. Lesser pressure brings out the best in a student.

Diversity strengthens the usage of English language.

Students of BESA come from different nationalities. So, the best way to connect and transcend cultural barrier is to use the same language, which is English. It helps that the schools impose English Only Policy that students have to automatically utilize English to survive the day. Daily exposure to the language on top of learning it in class is truly helpful.

Outdoor Trips Forge Bond Among Students

BESA Schools organize weekend trips for students to break the monotony of studying routines. This gives the students to unwind, refresh, and have fun. It also helps to build friendships among students or with teachers.

Weekend trips in full blast

Community Service Teaches Student How to Care.

Learning is not only confined to the corners of a classroom. You also get it from other people, especially when you do it with charity. Everyone has a story, and when an individual knows how to listen and understands what each goes through, it is a skill that cannot easily fade.


With BESA, we make your learning experience unique and worthwhile.

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