JIC – IELTS Taker Jae In Lee thinks learning English at JIC is faster than her school in New Zealand

Jae In Lee, IELTS Taker

04_Jae In Lee (pic)

JIC: So, what’s your name?

Jane: You’ll be surprised… my Korean name is Jae In

JIC: Jane, Is your Korean name?

Jane: Yeah, Jae In is my Korean name.

JIC: Wow, fantastic! So I’m curious, why are you studying IELTS?

Jane: Actually, I don’t need a score right now, but it is for my personal challenge. I love challenges.

JIC: Great! So you came here straight as an IELTS student?

Jane: Ahh… Actually, I used to live in America for about 2 years. After that, I went to New Zealand to study general English and then I came here.

JIC: So what do you think of JIC IELTS?

Jane: Oh, it’s good. Actually, I studied just 1 week of IELTS in New Zealand but at that time I feel that they were really slow.

JIC: What’s the difference?

Jane: It’s like… Asians really want things done fast but the westerners can’t deliver fast enough. They just say, “think about yourself and try your own things.” The group in New Zealand was like 5 and almost 8-10 and they just talk with each other for 2 or 3 hours and a little bit writing and that’s all.

JIC: You mentioned about challenging yourself, what kind of challenge do you have in mind?

Jane: Since I lived in America, I didn’t have a lot of chances to improve my English skill because I worked with the Koreans. So after I came back from the USA I wanted to improve my English skill. So I went to New Zealand for general English, and eventually, here.

JIC: Do you have a goal score?

Jane: Yeah… 6 or 6.5

JIC: That fabulous! When will you get the test?

Jane: Ahh… Next week! I feel pressured. Actually, I will take the test twice. 1 next week, and the other one in December.

JIC: What’s your plan afterward?

Jane: Actually, I will change my career. I want to be a flight attendant in the Middle East.

JIC: Why suddenly change?

Jane: My major was computer science and so I became a web designer in America but at that time I was really stressed about the web design and then I didn’t think I really fit that program so I changed. And then I changed my job to online sales manager then it’s quite fun but I don’t think that’s good for me. So I want to live another country in Dubai because I’ve never lived there before.

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