No Jackets? Run into these bargain shops and brave the cold without worries.

The coldest months are finally here. This may be a good time for drinking coffee but when you get home, sleeping becomes comfortable only by burying yourself under the layers of blankets. It is also necessary to have layers of garments in Baguio, especially when you brave walking outside.

Don’t worry if you find nothing in your wardrobe. There are a lot of shops to buy any type of clothes, especially jackets! But we’re not talking about buying that can empty up your wallet. There are a lot of shops that sell secondhand clothes that come trendy and fashionable. Truly original brands you can acquire at the lowest cost! Baguio City is also famous for a wide selection of Ukay-ukay.

Ukay is a reduced Filipino word for Hukay meaning ‘to dig’. It’s digging that you need to do to find the best goods! Ukay-ukay also comes with bargaining. So, if you are good at negotiating you might get a product cheaper than its intended low price.

  • The most accessible Ukay shop is the Skyworld Commercial Center. It’s used to be one of Baguio’s shopping centers located at the corner of Session Road and Calderon Street before the earthquake that destroyed it. It has been repaired and became a building of stalls selling premium designer brands that are cheaper than the secondhand products on eBay. However, Skyworld offers quite pricey compared to other Ukay centers.


  • Bayanihan is used to be a pretty old hotel building to the northwest of Burnham Park and is now one of the three major ukay centers in Baguio. Prices are slightly lower than those stalls at Session Road.


  • The last of the big 3 can be found in the Public Market known as Hilltop. It was also a then hotel destroyed by the earthquake which transformed into an ukay center of what’s considered the cheapest dry goods among all stalls.


If you are overwhelmed with the size of the shops, you can also visit smaller ukay centers. We don’t know but you might find the shoes you are looking forever?

  • At first glimpse, Maharlika Livelihood Center may not be a place solely for bargain shops but it is worth visiting if you want to maximize your time digging apparels.


  • Across Malcolm Square is an array of ukay centers.


  • Bookends is located near Jollibee Harrison, just behind Skyworld. Also, aside from shoes and apparels, Bookends is actually a hidden thrift bookshop. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!


  • And of course, why would you miss the Night Market? That’s the ultimate Baguio experience whether you’re into digging ukays or not. It opens at 9:00 pm at Harrison Road, where a long strip of stalls is erected. At both ends are street food stalls, just in case you get tired of digging.


So brave the cold one last time and visit the nearest ukay centers. Nobody actually minds.