Little coffee shops along Session Road that you might just give a big love

Session Road

Session Road is the busiest road in the whole Baguio city. Its historic and quaint appeal had made the road iconic and much loved by locals and tourists.

Any time of the day is cold, so anytime is perfect for a cup of coffee. People jostle in its street that it’s easy to miss little-known havens suitable for those who just want to chill with friends or enjoy the quiet. So, as a little help, we present you some cafes along Session Road you can try out.

Coffee Matters


Photo of Where To Baguio

Coffee Matters is situated in the corner of the Porta Vaga Sky Zone, just beside the Baguio Cathedral. The small size of the cafe doesn’t matter as it provides a different kind of atmosphere. It is decorated with photographs of planes, and a replica of jet overhangs outside the window that it looked like real with the scenic view of Baguio.

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They serve delicious breakfast, but you can have coffee or frappe alone that are really satisfying in this cold weather.

R & B Cafe and Library


Photo of R & B Cafe and Library

Also, Read & Brew Cafe and Library is located on the roof deck of Porta Vaga, but it’s easy to miss because it is elevated over a door where people go in and out of the mall. But the stairs, if you noticed, would lead you to a place where you can just sit and relax with a cup of coffee.

They also serve delicious pastry that you can complement with your drink. The ambience is fit for those who look for peace because it is also a library. You can borrow non-fiction books and novels or just enjoy the moment to completely charge your energy.

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Furthermore, you can give a new life to your books by donating them to the cafe and you get a cup of coffee in return!

Veneer Resto Cafe


Veneer is quite hidden as it is located on 2nd floor, Manahan building (Rjudz Salon), before Philam Life and La Azotea Building in Upper Session Road.

They serve a fusion of American and Italian Cusine.


Fla4ors Coffee Shop

Fla4ors, formerly known as Session Blends, offers a new coffee experience and atmosphere that are English. Yes, they offer a wide selection of flavored coffee beans and snacks that can be found on an English menu.

It can be found on 2nd floor Dona Anita Bldg, Session Road.


English Crumpet

Wicked Snow

The cafe with luxury, theme, and fun finally comes to Baguio!

Recently, Wicked Snow opened in Session Road of Hotel Veniz Basement. They offer an array of yummy and Instagram-worthy dishes that foreign and locals alike will love.


Wicked burger

Session Hub Cafe


Located at Calderon Street, near Prime Hotel, Session Hub Cafe has a whimsical atmosphere that fits your desire of unwinding goals. The menu has affordable prices and taste that will excite your tongues.

Artworks are displayed for sale. Also, an acoustic live band plays every Friday to set your mood.


Perfect for your stomach and IG feeds.

Session Gallery


It can be found at 411 Jose De Leon Center III of Session Road. Session Gallery is a sister cafe to Session Hub Cafe. It is known best for its drinks and mouth-watering desserts made by Kharis. Be warned that this is always full of people.


So, what are you waiting for?

You better take the chance to get a sip of coffee.