JIC – Nathan on studying at JIC

JIC: why are you studying IELTS?

Nathan: I want to study a master’s degree in a European country; for example, Spain or Germany.

JIC: Great. Do you have a University in mind?

Nathan: I already found few Universities, but I have to focus on IELTS first. I already graduated from a University in Taiwan and my major was Management Information System. So we will see.

JIC: Fantastic. If I’m not mistaken, if you want to go to Germany or Spain, you need a 6.5?

Nathan: yeah almost or 6.0 for each band score. But for me, need each not just overall.

JIC: overall 6.5 and minimum 6.0?

Nathan: yes.

Nathan 1 REDUCED

JIC: So, how has JIC helped you?

Nathan: JIC has helped me a lot. The teachers are professionals and very assistive, and even the study materials are good. And nowadays, we have a better gym. The gym will help me like I can do some exercises in the mornings so I can freshen my mind or something.

JIC: That’s great. Seems like you are enjoying your time here in JIC.

Nathan: yeah, I’m enjoying at JIC, what I mean is, I’m enjoying in Baguio City, this weather, this culture and even the locals, I like Baguio and JIC is the first academy I’ve attended. So I studied here to improve my performance and for a long time, I could enjoy talking to my foreign friends and study at the same time, so I love JIC.

Nathan 2 REDUCED