CNS II – Before becoming an exchange student

by Aki (Japan/21/3weeks)

Q. Please, introduce yourself.

A. Hello, my name is Aki. I am a university student in Japan, and my major is Chemistry. To be honest, it is my second time to study IELTS in CNSⅡ. For my first time to visit here, I studied IELTS intensively for 2 months, and fortunately, I was able to get my goal score, overall 6.0. Because of this, I can study in Ateneo de Manila University as an exchange student from this August for approximately 10 months. Before starting a semester, I revisited CNSⅡ in order to enhance my English skills more.

Q. How did you know CNSⅡ for the first time, and why did you choose this academy?

A. In my case, I wanted to study in a strict spartan school for the reason that I want to make sure that I can get IELTS score quickly. While searching academies, agencies recommended me CNSⅡ as the best IELTS school in the Philippines.

Q. How about the learning environment in CNSⅡ?

A. I think that almost all students really study hard. Of course, this kind of studious atmosphere affects me positively so I can keep my motivation continuously. Furthermore, I could naturally make a lot of foreign friends due to the small size of the school.

Q. While revisiting CNSⅡ for 3 weeks, what did you feel?

A. Because this was my second time to visit CNSⅡ, I was able to fully enjoy studying with my teachers in all my classes. Before coming here, I planned to concentrate more on Speaking subject than others since I did not have enough time to cover every subject. Fortunately, my curriculum was based on my plan, so I took advantage of this opportunity to focus on practicing speaking skills.

Q. How about the quality of teachers?

A. I believe that all CNSⅡ teachers are experts of IELTS, for this academy has focused on only IELTS for a long time. I was surprised with the teachers’ abilities to use advanced and proper vocabularies for all IELTS topics. For me, IELTS Writing is the most difficult subject. However, with the effective writing textbooks, I could improve my wring skills easily.