MONOL – Always Eat Full

Hi, I am Susan. I’ve already been studying at Monol and now I am on my 3rd week! On weekdays, I think that the time is passing really fast especially since I am spending every day without homework.

Today I am going to write a review about Monol’s cafeteria.


Monol meals are buffet style meals, and basically, there are various kinds of vegetables and salad ingredients, and I always like to have fruit every time so I am happy with the serving! There are bananas, watermelons, papayas, etc. The watermelon is good for you and it tastes delicious!

In Korea, fruit is expensive so it is difficult to eat a variety of meals every day. Here, I can eat various meals during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. About the taste of food, I am satisfied and I eat well – everyone has different tastes.


The contents here are not visible, but the stations are always prepared with three kinds.
The liver is a little bit salty in my taste. But in Korea, it is cooked the same way. The other schools do not offer buffet style meals so if you want to eat more you cannot get more. Here in Monol, I finish my meal and take more fruits.

The restaurant also has a bread bar. There is always bread and coffee available. There is also a café downstairs that sells sweets, snacks and coffee.


Lastly, the attached photo is a salad bowl that serves only the freshest vegetables.

I tried to take a picture before the start of the meal to show a good photo.