BECI – Valentine’s Day Special 2018

The day of the romance we call Valentine’s is finally here. It’s easy to keep our heads down and go about our days, completing the tasks in front of us while never seeing the amazing everyday beauty that surrounds us. We study very hard, memorizing vocabularies and getting ready for our weekly exams, and all the while, we miss the loveliness every day: we are missing the magnificent, radiant God-given colors of the sunset happening right outside our windows.


From now on, let’s find the beauty in every day. We train ourselves to look for the sunset, to take time to delight in that one lone flower standing strong completely undisturbed by any obstacles by filling our hearts with love for all that surrounds us.


Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “Valentine”. So our school prepared something to remind this annual event which once a day where people earnestly showed their love and affection for another person. Our students were very surprised to witness how we celebrate Valentine’s Day in the Philippines.


Our BECI family takes a few moments from their time to buy flowers, chocolates and balloons for their special friends, teachers, co-workers and managers. Everybody is given a chance to participate from 9:00am to 6:00pm. School offered different kinds of activities to partake. They can choose from the bouquet of flowers, chocolates or candies and the person in charge will deliver it for free. We also organized a group of teachers to render a love song if in case someone will request to serenade someone’s special.



The day ended full of fun reminding everyone to find and share the love in every way.  Happy Valentine’s to everyone!!!