JIC – Tomoe shares about coming back to Baguio JIC

JIC: why did you decide to come back to JIC?

TOMOE: Because the last time I was so satisfied with JIC’s ever since, like the teaching, accommodation, and food is also okay. I think the food is much better now and accommodation from 2 to single room, very comfortable.

JIC: The single room is very big.

TOMOE: Yeah it’s very big actually. But it’s very comfortable and I can concentrate studying and we have a study room, a lot of students study so hard as well as my roommate.


JIC: So are they pushing you to study hard?

TOMOE: Yeah.

JIC: That’s good, that’s fantastic. Anyways. Do you have any challenges here in JIC? Is there something difficult?

TOMOE: Difficult? Hmmm, I don’t think so because I’m very satisfied.

JIC: Like do you have any challenges, difficult but good.

TOMOE: Ahh, like homework? Hahaha

JIC: Yes. 

TOMOE: Yeah, teachers give me lots of homework so it is very difficult to finish it for 1 day but I’m trying to.

JIC: Especially writing?

TOMOE: Yes, yeah hahaha my teacher is so strict… So I’m already very satisfied ever since. Even if it’s so challenging I can still concentrate, and I can study so hard.