JIC – Teddy on why he’s satisfied at JIC

JIC: why JIC?

TEDDY: first I studied here and I know some of the teachers and also I had a good experience in Sarok and at that time my writing and speaking was improved by the teachers.

JIC: nowadays we have a couple of changes like the building different from Sarok to here, teachers come and go. Do you think it’s a good improvement or a bad improvement?

TEDDY: I think it’s a good one. Because in Sarok usually we don’t take the listening class because they think they can do it. Korean students don’t usually study listening. But I study listening by myself.

JIC: that’s right.

TEDDY: The other good thing is I can try the new teachers in the new building.

TEDDY: Also I miss some of my previous teachers like Brian and Jonie, seriously. They taught me a lot of lessons and things for writing and others.

JIC: What do you want JIC to improve?

TEDDY: I think not much to because I’m very satisfied studying here that’s why I came back again, and also I tried the new teachers’ way of teaching and I can say they’re good also.

JIC: What is your biggest challenge?

TEDDY: About what?

JIC: Studying.

TEDDY: It’s hard to say it but actually I didn’t want to go back to Australia. I just decide to stay in Korea but my parents want me to go back to Australia so that’s why I came here.