BECI – Volunteer’s Program

Last February 18, 2018, at around 2:00 to 5:00 pm, our school did volunteer work in the orphanage at RSCC (Reception and Study Center for Children) with our 12 Japanese students including one manager and two teachers. Our students decided to visit the orphanage because they wanted to share their culture with the kids. They said the Philippines actually donated a big amount of money and supported them when the strong earthquake hit Tohoku District in Japan last 2011. So they also want to do something, especially for the homeless children.


When we arrived at the orphanage, the head of the organization gave us a short introduction about the orphanage. She mentioned that those children under their care are vulnerable to abuse- physical, emotional- trafficking, and hazardous labor. Those children do not have enough money to satisfy their nutritional requirements and other basic needs. Many end up in the streets both in rural and urban areas. Others, however, end up transferring from one shelter to another.



All orphans have painful past before they came to the orphanage. So our student’s goal is to erase all those bad dreams even though it’s just for a moment being with them. They want to share some good memories and let them feel that someone care for them somewhere.

When we start our activities with the kids, we were all touched because the kids were very excited and happy to see us. They ran to and welcomed us with a hug. Their smile made us very glad so we spend our time teaching them funny origami shapes, coloring some books, and sharing funny stories and experiences.



The activity ended up successfully by donating some stuff for the orphanage. Our school donated pull-ups pampers, baby wipes which is enough for them to use for a month. We also prepare snacks, drinks and other foods for all the children.

In addition, we must continuously make an effort to build a better surrounding and environment to keep the children’s smiles. Therefore, our school will continue this kind of advocacy anywhere, anytime.

Thanks for joining Japanese team.