A&J – The traveler named Masahiko Shimada

Could you please introduce yourself? Tell us where are you from?

My name is Masahiko Shimada. I’m from Saitama, Japan. I retired from work 4 years ago. My hobbies are traveling, climbing mountains, kitchen gardening and walking. I traveled to Grand Canyon in the USA, New Zealand, Ireland and so to climb mountains. One of my friends is an English teacher so there’s not much problem while traveling, but I felt like I wanted to study English and try traveling by myself.

Why did you choose the Philippines to stud the English Language?

My daughter suggested me to study abroad. She had experienced that and told me, “If you study English for the first time, the best place to go is Baguio in the Philippines. After that, I asked an agent for some conditions and found out A&J. I contacted Joseph who is a Japanese Manager at the academy. I received the message that I can study thereafter submitting some medical-check documents.

There are many English Schools in Baguio but why did you choose A&J English Academy?

I chose A&J because I can have the man-to-man class mainly and I prefer staying in a single room.

What do you usually do on the weekends? Do you have many friends here?

Preparation or review for the classes, studying for a vocabulary test and Listening etc. I didn’t go out of the academy. When I have some questions for the class, I sometimes ask Joseph for that.

Where is your favorite place to hang out in Baguio? Are you an outgoing person?

I don’t go out because there are many things to accomplish here so if I will come back here again, I would like to try climbing mountains.

Could you tell me your plans after graduating?

I’ll continue to study English by myself and I hope I’ll come back to Baguio. My goal is to enjoy my life and travel by myself around the world with enough English skills. When I get into troubles at the airport or somewhere, I would like to survive with my English. One of my dreams is to travel 800km to holy places in Santiago de Compostela, Spain by foot.

Do you have any comment/suggestion for new students coming to A&J to study English?

The environment of A&J is quite good and Japanese staff stay in the academy so you can focus studying English. This academy has Semi-Sparta system but if you would like to study as Sparta, you can choose your subjects or curriculums. If you are serious to learn the language, you should come here.

Before coming to the Philippines, I suggest that you should have a little background in English.