JIC – Meet Ron, the top student

JIC: What made you decide to study English?

RON: Last year, I visited Los Angeles as an agent. At that time I believed in my English skill but when I talked with Americans, I couldn’t understand what they were talking about because of slangs and speed and after experiencing that kind of situation, I decided to study English more. I hope when I experience the same situation, I will be more confident of using the English language.

JIC: Being one of the top students last term, kindly share your ways to improve your English communication skills.

RON: Frankly speaking, there is nothing special. I just listen to English radio and watch American movies every day. But the key is to try speak out and follow their speed. I bet you can get great communication skill one day.

P.S. if you want to remember vocabulary, try to use and recite the sentence aloud.


JIC: What short message of encouragement could you give to other ESL learners like you?

RON: I myself experienced some difficulties of learning English effectively but I discovered some ways with the help of the teachers and reading some methods on how to study. Let me share some tips to help you.

First, please evaluate your English skills objectively, you ought to know what your weakness in English is. Second, you have to have a consultation with your teachers about your weakness, then make your own direction or method, if you make your direction, just stick to it. Finally, just do your best to your JIC life and stick to the ways to study English.