MONOL – My Weekend Trip to Hundred Islands and Mount Pinatubo

This is the fourth week of my study in Monol. I just finished my monthly exam and I had attended a graduation party (it takes place once a month) this week. Finally, I chose IELTS course in the new term. The reason and the result of the decision will be elaborated in next article. This time I will mainly describe the entertainment that Monol provides. The school trips are organized every two weeks and the destinations are voted by the students. It’s always on the weekends and I have participated twice.


Everyone can vote for the destination

I joined the school trip in my first week and the agreed destination was Hundred Islands. This is a famous tourist spot in the Philippines. Nine students participated in this trip. We traveled at 5:30 am on a Saturday and arrived at Alaminos at around 10 in the morning. After lunch, we hurriedly went into a boat rented by the school that brought us to Hundred Islands National Park.

The shapes of the islands were beautiful and unique as we go near. Everyone on the boat was talking and laughing. We took photographs and ate snacks and bonded together, etc. After ten minutes, we were able to see the group of islands.

On one island, we hiked to the top where we could enjoy a panoramic view of the whole Hundred Islands. Then we went to another island for swimming. When other students were having their time, I took a banana boat. The banana boat was fast, suitable for anyone looking for a stimulating experience that is necessary for an unforgettable activity. Everyone was screaming because the boat sped off too fast among different islands. It only took approximately 20 minutes but it was really cool.


After that, we went to another island that is filled with history. But I didn’t remember the specific one. In the center is a large hole where many gunshot marks filled on the wall. Passing through the cave is a place to take a rest. Everyone enjoyed some dives, took some pictures, and ate some snack.


After a half-hour break, we started to walk back to the boat. We could have a fresh water shower on the shore and it was finished within half an hour. Then, it took a long time for us to return. Of course, all of the students fell asleep. I knew that the driver was more tired than anyone on the bus for he was driving for a long time already. When we arrived at Monol, it was around 10 p.m.

The activity was worth to attend. It just spent about RMB400. I hope that l could visit there again since everyone said that diving was really great.

The second time I had joined was just last week: we went into the US military base cross-country and watched the volcanic lake.

The US military base would block the entry after 6 o’clock, so we set off on the school bus at half past 1 am and we slept on the bus. At 5 o’clock in the morning, we arrived at Clark’s US military base. After going through some registration process, we rented two jeeps with drivers. The road was bumpy but cool and we enjoyed the beautiful view. The driving skill of the drivers was also good. If the road condition was good, they were driving extremely fast (the feeling of cross-country vehicles crossing the river. You can understand, right? Ha ha ha). It took around an hour to arrive there and we were ready to start hiking. Phone signal was completely shielded.


The walk to the volcanic lake has a total distance of 10 kilometers, about 3 hours away. However, because it is really popular, there are many tourists visited here by groups. We needed to pass uphill and across the river, so some people wore slippers and sandals. My sneakers were even broken on the return journey. Finally, about 3 hours later, we arrived at the volcanic lake. It was extremely beautiful, especially it was followed by the many difficulties that we arrived there step by step. This sense of accomplishment was stronger.


The process of learning English was also the same. On the way back, I thought that walking was like the learning way from Monol. Anxiety was useless. Your responsibility was only working hard, and the remaining things depended on the passing of time. Trekking was very charming, and the process of walking on foot was the ideal time for thinking.

Later, on the halfway route of our return trip, we encountered a military maneuver. Hence, everyone needed to stop for 2 hours and turned to rest. I inadvertently walked into a small village that had shocked me. Whereas it was not related to the topic today so I would share this experience next time if I have the chance. I think this world is beautiful, but it does not mean that the world is not cruel.