CNS II – The step for the world’s best tattoo artist

by Varney (Korea, 30, 8 weeks)

Please, introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Varney working as a tattooist for around 5 years. To be honest, I do not need an IELTS score. But I realized that speaking English is really important to make my dream come true, that is to be the best tattoo artist in the world. I chose to study IELTS for I heard that learning an IELTS is more effective to improve English skills compared to TOEIC.

Why did you start to study IELTS?

In fact, when I worked on a tattoo shop in Sydney, my English skill was poor. It was quite difficult for me to talk with the customers. Some time ago, my manager seriously told me that I should improve my English skills because our clients wanted to discuss the tattoo patterns in full details. If I cannot easily express my own idea or spend a lot of time to talk with them, they may not feel satisfied. Because of this, I was very stressed and disappointed with myself. I decided to study English intensively in the Philippines.

How about the general atmosphere at CNSⅡ?

Compared to the academy in which I studied before, CNSⅡ’s learning atmosphere is very strict. Many students study not only on weekdays but also on weekends. Vietnamese students generally study very hard, and it motivates me.

What is your plan when you finish your study at CNSⅡ?

I will work in Korea, and I want to come back to CNS Ⅱ in order to study IELTS more. I am not satisfied with my achievement since I only got overall 6.0 until now. Currently, I have made a plan to immigrate. I had stayed in Australia for 3 years, so I am more likely to go to New Zealand or other countries.

What do you feel while studying at CNSⅡ for 6 weeks?

I am really proud of myself since I never stop studying during this period. I believe that if I can overcome this language barrier, my dream will come true soon. Sometimes I imagine my successful future, and I believe that that vivid picture of my future is my motivation to study hard.

What is your tip for the new students?

I recommend to the new students to study basic grammar before coming to CNS Ⅱ. As of IELTS, there is no shortcut to get your goal score. Getting an overall score of 7.0 is extremely difficult, and you cannot even handle some questions without grammar knowledge. In conclusion, for effective learning, please study grammar and vocabularies in advance. Then, you can focus on speaking and writing with your teachers in the Philippines.