MONOL – First Week at Monol

I have stayed at Monol for a full week already. During this week, I harvested abundance. Now I will talk about my learning experience.

On the first day, I went to the designated location forthright (the location is easy to find) after I just got off the plane. At past 4 pm, 4 teachers from Monol came to pick up students. After the students were gathered, we took a jeep.

Because of the traffic jam in Manila, we arrived at midnight, and I was physically tired. Fortunately, the teachers had arranged everything. After leading us into the dormitory, we took a bath and rest.

On the following day, we could sleep until you wake up naturally. My body finally had enough energy to welcome new life. It’s the time to get familiar with the environment around Monol. It’s in the mountains. The beautiful scenery and fresh air made Monol become a resort!

After learning about the school system and equipment, we conducted an entrance test. The female teacher who arranged the test was so beautiful and the accent sounded good. In the afternoon, the teachers grouped us according to our results. There are five levels in total, and students study different courses according to these levels. In the afternoon, we bought books and prepared for the next day’s study.

By the way, I should introduce the diet in Monol. When I came here for lunch, I didn’t eat the same dishes and they all tasted well. I guess I’ll gain weight here. Haha.