BECI – Strengthening the Unity through a healthy competition

One of the activities of our school is the annual sports fest, where all the students and teachers compete in various indoor and outdoor games to showcase their talents in various games. This activity is not only to promote camaraderie among teachers and students, but also to promote physical wellness as well as to highlight sportsmanship to our students from different countries.

In this Sports fest, there are 4 teams trying to vie for the overall champion. The 4 teams are divided per departments. We have the IELTS and TOEIC team lead by their own coordinator Teacher Ramil and Teacher Maricel. We also have the Sparta team which is assisted by Teacher Des and the biggest Team ESL 1 lead by Teacher Rence and ESL2 by Teacher Therese.

In the said activity, each team competed in different events which are divided into major and minor games. The major games were the all-time favorite Volleyball, Table tennis, Badminton and Sepak Takraw while the minor games are the tug-of-war, cheering competition, and many other cultural games.

At the end of the day, team ESL 2 outlasted them all gathering first place both in Volleyball and Table tennis. Special awards were also given to our outstanding and deserving students.