MONOL – New Year in Baguio

By Lucia

I reached the New Year when I stayed at Monol. This was my first time to celebrate New Year abroad! Originally, I was worried about homesickness. Fortunately, it was so lively.

Because of the New Year’s Eve, the school had provided 4-day holidays, and many students had gone out for fun on this rare vacation. Some people went hiking, took a long view, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature. Some people went to the beach for diving and enjoyed the sea breeze. You could also hold BBQ at the beach. Everyone had spent their holidays enriching and having fun with their friends.

NY 2

Through studying abroad, we must not only use the good opportunities to learn English well but also to cherish the facilities that our school provides us. Go on a memorable trip. Combine work and leisure. Study and entertain. Do not waste great moments. Do not miss the beauty of nature. Physical and mental entertainment is meaningful.

Studying at Monol will surely make us remember it deeply, and it will be a remarkable memory in our lives.

On New Year’s Eve, we also rallied together. We went to eat local specialties and it was so tasty. Although waiting in line took us more than an hour, it was really worth it. The food was delicious and cheap. If I were you, it was essential to eat the pizza with thick cheese taste here. You definitely had not eaten the same taste in your hometown. There were Hawaiian, seafood and vegetable pizzas here. There are also some local special pizzas that were super delicious!

Of course, you have to order more fries here. It’s delicious with thick cuts and perfect sauces. Take a bite, the unique aroma of the fries make your tongue satisfied.

After dinner, we went to the bar with the teachers to have fun. Although the teachers are usually serious, they are still young people. Their lively and funny nature was suddenly released in this environment. We drank some special beer. There is a kind of beer with milk tea flavor. It is tasty but does not make you drunk.

We also played games with the teachers. Everyone had spent a good night in endless laughter, playing games, drinking as much as possible, and releasing our youthful energy. After the game, we returned to the school and waited for the arrival of the New Year.

Nearly 12 o’clock, we all climbed the top floor and looked forward to the arrival of the New Year! As soon as the New Year arrives, fireworks from different places flew together. It was beautiful and charming. We cheered Happy New Year!!!

NY 5

Then I quietly asked my New Year’s wishes and hoped for good luck. We all had a good time. I hope my wishes will be realized soon.