CNS II – A Struggle but Fun IELTS Study

Gyu (Korea/30/32weeks)

Please, introduce yourself.

Hello, I am Gyu. Recently I had worked in Czech embassy as a cook. Before I came here in CNSⅡ, I studied IELTS for 3 months in another school in Baguio. At that time, I was a beginner, so I did not choose a spartan school but the academy having a free atmosphere. Among the students in this academy, there was a rumor that CNSⅡ has a really serious and strict atmosphere. In fact, now I can say that every CNSⅡ student has extremely studied hard. However, the total number of CNSⅡ students is quite low, around 40, that is why the relationship among students is quite close to family members.

Why did you start to study IELTS?

I have a plan to work as a chef in Australia. Nowadays, I consider about getting a permanent residency in this country, so I need to get each 6.0 score in IELTS.

CNS 2.1

Which class is the most effective for study?

Since I worked in the Czech Republic, I was confident to speak English relatively; however, my speaking mock tests; the score was quite lower than what I expected. I met a lot of teachers to find a solution. Finally, I realized that there is no shortcut, so I decided to focus on classes more. I have concentrated on learning a wide range and advanced vocabularies in 1:1 speaking classes while I have used these words that I learned with my all efforts. Particularly, I like to attend group speaking classes since I can practice speaking English in front of students. Moreover, I can easily share some ideas with others.

How is the quality of CNSⅡ teachers?

CNSⅡ teachers are really incredible. They are good at correcting small pronunciation mistakes and grammar errors. Especially, for me, T. Angel is the best teacher since she is very passionate. Even though she feels tired, she tends to do her best. I really respect her.

CNS 2.2

Based on your experience, how is Baguio?

Baguio city is quite peaceful. There are many people living in this city, so this city is quite crowded. However, I think they are generally kind. The most convenient aspect in Baguio is that using a taxi is relatively cheap and safe. Because of this, I do not usually utilize jeepneys. Furthermore, there are many famous restaurants which offer customers delicious foods, so for me, Baguio city seems like a heaven.