JIC – Manager Cassie on her life working abroad

JIC: Anyways, how did you become a Student Manager?

CASSIE: Oh, I found it on a list of jobs on the internet. One agent posted it.

JIC: And then you applied?

CASSIE: Yes, I applied.

JIC: What do you think of the job?

CASSIE: I want to earn some work experience, so I think it’s a good chance and I never went abroad.

JIC: What do you think of being a Manager?

CASSIE: Originally, my first time is hard.

JIC: Why?

CASSIE:  Because you have to balance your job and balance your studies and then… but I’m lucky because the first time I have Sam, Chinese Manager. He led me so I got familiar with it and with the students; faster than the other Managers. So I think it’s because of him, that’s why it’s good.


JIC: But nowadays, it’s easy? The job is easy?

CASSIE: Yes easy, because I’m familiar with everything.

JIC: What do you like about this job?

CASSIE: Okay… I can meet different Nationality friends.

JIC: Who are your friends nowadays?

CASSIE: I have Japanese, Korean and Filipino friends.

JIC: What will you miss about this job when you go back to Taiwan?

CASSIE: I can handle everything by myself, I don’t have to… how do you say? Someone will control me… I don’t like it… free… freedom.

 JIC: Oh because your parents will be with you?


JIC: What have you learned about this job? Like in the future, what’s the number 1 thing you learned about this job?

CASSIE: Socialize. Communicate.

JIC: Why? Before you weren’t communicating with people?

CASSIE: Before I don’t like to go outside with people whom I’m not familiar with, but in here I have no choice.

JIC: Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

CASSIE: Positive. It’s a good thing. I think so.


JIC: How about your teachers? Did you learn anything from your teachers?

CASSIE: My teacher? We always talk.

JIC: That’s good though.

CASSIE: Oh I never thought of changing my teacher.

JIC: For how many months?

CASSIE: 6 months

JIC: Oh that’s good for you. Do you have any last messages for future Taiwanese Students who will come here?

CASSIE: Language is the most important thing in the world, in a job; to get hired for a job.

JIC: Why?

CASSIE: In Korea, I heard from a Korean student first language is Chinese and then English. (To be learned) so if they can speak so many languages they can be hired for a better job in their country and in Taiwan also.