JIC – How Lee Survived the Challenge

I am a student who stayed in the Philippines for more than 2 years; also I am attending Berkeley school in Baguio. Although I lived in JIC academy for a quite long time and somehow I can say I am used to speaking through English, I never tried this challenge before because I was too lazy and I thought I cannot complete this challenge. However, I just saw my friend did this challenge and that motivated me to face it.

It was quite hard and tiresome challenge. On the first day, I almost forgot that I’m having a challenge and I tried to use my mother tongue but my friend reminded me to not to use Korean. I really appreciate him for what he did to me. After I noticed I’m having a challenge, I was still trying to use mother tongue unconsciously so I had to be mindful of my mouth not to use it and that interrupted me a lot.

Another problem was my awareness of vocabulary. I realized I still need to study more vocabularies so that I can speak with confidence in English. When I am talking with others, I frequently stop talking just to remember the word and that is obviously a clear disturbance in communicating in English.

Through this challenge, I learned a lot. I got to know what my weaknesses and what I need to improve more. My weaknesses are, I speak too slowly because of thinking what vocabularies to use and some people don’t understand the way I pronounce some words.


Therefore, I decided to study more vocabularies with correct pronunciation. I believe this challenge was very valuable experience and it will lead my English speaking skills to the better and proper way. Before I started this challenge, I was not sure about my English and I thought I cannot finish it.

However, I finished this even if there were many obstacles mainly caused by myself. Also, I’m very interested in it because I can get back my money as a cash reward. Therefore, I hope I will have chance to take the higher challenge. I do not know if I can do it or not because it requires much longer period than I did. However, whether I can do it or not, I just want to challenge myself and I will try to enjoy more next time.

– Lee