BECI – Satisfaction on studying in Baguio

Nationality: CHINESE
Course: IELTS
Entrance Level: BASIC 2
Duration: 8 Weeks

Why did you decide to study here in the Philippines?

Firstly, the cost of studying and living here is much cheaper compared to America and Europe. Secondly, I have never been here. It’s a representative of Southeast Asia. I heard of the beautiful beaches and islands here from my friends. In China, we are not familiar with the Philippines. The information we know comes from news and hearsays, so I came here to learn and explore more about the Philippines.

In Baguio City, there are no beaches but mountains instead. What catches my eyes are the villages located on the outskirts of the city. You don’t have to worry because the beaches are just nearby Baguio. It just takes 2 hours and some of the beaches take 4 hours. It’s the perfect place to see and experience the traditional ways of living of the native people of the Cordillera.

Aw-asen Falls

What impressed you at first sight when you arrived in BECI?

I came here at 4 am. It’s totally dark. I couldn’t see anything. When I arrived in my room, I stood on the balcony for a few minutes. It’s my first time to see the sunrise – gorgeous! And the next day, I visited the 5th floor – the lounge. View from the lounge – a myriad lights in the valley, naturally make a tranquil air.

BECI night view from Lounge

When people arrived here, some of them have concerns about having no friends and missing their relatives. How about you, what is your main concern?

Frankly, I am an independent person, I always travel to different places alone and get used to accepting new and unknown experience. So on weekends, I often walk around BECI to enjoy the view and the place itself.

Actually, making friends is a gradual process for everyone. For me, in the first few days, I am alone sometimes but things changed in a few weeks or so. Now, I have some friends to hang out with, some partners to play sports games with, and hold a party or an activity from time to time with classmates and teachers.

Chinese Hot PotJapanese foodFriends

Recently I just finished my Barista Course and training in Il Padrino café for 21 hours. Tomorrow I will spend some time with the staffs and colleagues. They will introduce more about the life and culture of the locals.

Going back to my concern, I may say to achieve 7.0 band on IELTS. I have to say, scores which are lower than 6.0 can be achieved with the help of a teacher. But once you want a higher one, it will depend on one’s self on how much effort one can give to reach the target score. So I really appreciate the academic atmosphere of the lounge where I can have a self-study anytime. It’s also a good “station” to energies one’s self.

Do you feel satisfied for now, since you will leave tomorrow?

I should say 80% I feel satisfied and happy, not only because of studying but also my unique life in BECI and the 20% is the feeling of sadness because 3 months studying is not enough to achieve IELTS band 7. I improved a lot actually but I think it’s not enough.