CNS II – To become a star chef

by Benji (Korea/22/4weeks)

William: Please introduce yourself.

Benji: My name is Benji from Korea, and I am 23 years old.

Did you graduate from university?

OMG… I think it will be a long story.

I hope that you do not mind to share your story.

In my case, I was not a diligent student during my middle school days. I always hung out with my friends, so my parents were really worried about my future. At that time, I tried to learn a culinary skill in the university in Korea, inasmuch as, it seemed like so exciting and enjoyable for me to cook Korean cuisines. However, I finally decided to study abroad since I thought that I could not concentrate on studying in Korea because of my friends. Therefore, my parents sent me to study in New Zealand for one year when I was 17 years old. Unfortunately, when I studied in New Zealand, I still made many Korean friends. I could not concentrate on studying there as well, so I told my parents that I wanted to go to study in Australia.

In Sydney, I studied ESL for 10 weeks, and then I went to Le Cordon Bleu (LCB), which is the training school where students can learn how to cook international cuisines. During that time, I tried to do my best in order to finish my certificate 1 to 4, and I knuckled down my part-time job in a restaurant.

My senior chef asked me to work with him in Gold Coast. He was planning to work there since this new restaurant could give him a good position, a head chef. Aside from that, he could give me a Sponsorship Visa (457 Visa) that allows me to immigrate to Australia after 5 years. At that time, frankly speaking, I really wanted to get this visa since I can avail of a cheaper tuition fee to finish my diploma.

Unluckily, last July, Australian government abolished cook position except for higher chef position. It means that I need to change another visa, RSMS visa (subclass 187) because I did not finish my diploma yet. For this visa, the government could give me an immigration qualification when I worked in the countryside for 3 years and had an IELTS score each 6.0. If I cannot get my score, I need to go back to Korea in order to do my military service.

CNS 2.3

How about the general atmosphere in CNSⅡ?

I want to say that it is really strict. In fact, CNSⅡ was not my first choice to study English. However, my brother told me that studying in Baguio City is better than in Cebu City. The reason is that there are many distractions such as a lot of picturesque beaches and a variety of water activities in Cebu academies while in CNSⅡ, the schedule is quite tight; therefore, students are more likely to focus on IELTS.

What is your tip for new students?

Since I have just studied here for 3 weeks, I do not have any idea. But I suggest new students not to make friends with the same nationality. It makes us to frequently speak our mother tongue. In addition, do not be shy and be a confident person. If you follow my advice, you can easily improve your English skills.