JIC – Deirdre and Music Business

JIC: So you’re taking up IELTS, right?

Deirdre: Yes.

Are you taking IELTS because you wanna go somewhere?

I want to study music business in Canada or USA.

Music business… wow, it’s very unique… so you plan to go to Canada or the US… Music school to me is Julliard, but music business or music management I don’t know where you go with that…

Maybe, Berkley?

In California?

Boston… ah, I don’t know exactly what is the university name just I want to study music business… After I get IELTS score I will find the university.

Impressive… I’m actually impressed. It’s very unique and I think it’s a big boom in Korea. So you’re studying ILETS, do you have a certain score?


Ah, that’s normal if you enter university 6.5.

Or 6.0

Minimum hahaha

Yes hahaha

Is this difficult for you? To get a 6.0, 6.5?

Yes of course… Ah how can I say, I never think about going to USA or Canada to study music business that’s why I transferred from IB

Ah okay, you went to IB to PS to here IELTS?

No IB – IELTS. I stayed IB 3 months and 3 months in IELTS, so I study here in the total of 6 months.

What are the difficulties in studying English?

My weakness is grammar and comprehension, so when I speak English I’m always nervous and my grammar is always wrong.

How did you overcome this challenge? Or how are you overcoming this challenge?

Uhmmm… just study hard and I want to… If I will change my mind, don’t get nervous.

Absolutely. Anyways, after JIC do you have any future plans?

Hmmm, after that first I will go to the USA to work, working holiday… babysitter. After that, I will go to university if I get a high score.

What else can you ask about the IELTS or the English in JIC?

I felt a little bit surprised about the difference of IB and IELTS.


Deirdre (Do Eun)

What’s the difference?

How can I say, I have a high score in IB especially speaking and listening so Nick recommended IELTS, so I transferred. When I took the first test, I had a really low score so I felt depressed. And British accent is really hard. Speaking test always nervous and I’m always disappointed with myself.

You have to understand that IB, PS, and IELTS are a ladder. You start with IB than in PS and then you go to IELTS. That’s why if you’re good in IB, you climb the ladder it gets difficult.