PINES – The New Campus

Studying English in the Philippines has never been more awesome. The biggest and most awaited event took place at Pines International Academy Main Campus as it opened its new doors for its EFL students.

The much-awaited relocation took place on the 26th of May.  The new building with its modern theme can house around 300 students with 5 types of accommodation: single and the shared rooms (double, triple, quadruple and sextuple).

The students were delighted upon transferring as they get to have a new environment and learning area.  They got a great impression on their move to the new campus as it is closer to nature and enables them to relax and heal after long hours of studying.  After unpacking, the students went around the campus and checked the state of the art facilities.  Some of them checked the cafeteria and the new pastry section. Pines serves nutritious meals as well as comfort foods like cakes and bread. As most students are fitness enthusiasts, they headed to the gym to check the updated set of fitness equipment.


The new building houses the IELTS test center as Pines recently tied up with the British Council and became one of the authorized IELTS test centers in the Philippines.

After the weekend relocation, the new batch of students attended the orientation that gave them a deeper understanding about the City of Baguio through a short cultural presentation and welcome speeches from the General Manager, Justin Lee and Vice President for Academics, Shirley Padeo.

New is always awesome and Pines provided the most awesome experience to its students on their first few days in its new campus.

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