JIC – IDP Re-Echo Train the Trainer

As official partners of the IDP, a proud co-owner of the IELTS, JIC has been given the opportunity to be part of the workshop, “TRAIN the TRAINERS 2018” with Dan Golden.

Our goal is to empower our teachers more. We aim to make them the Best to be equipped and ready for the challenge. Continuously updated learning is one of our ways of enhancing our teaching workforce to be competitive with the evolving world of learning English.

After attending workshops such as what was mentioned above, Re-echo training is orchestrated to continually make the learning process flow within the members of the faculty. Teachers are given the chance to also learn what has been tackled in the workshops. Practice and troubleshooting strategies are also shared for better teaching quality.

Brainstorming of standardization and monitoring are done to assure that each teacher is considered as quality educators. In JIC we consider the teachers as part of our continuous growth and they are the heart of our school’s legacy.