JIC – Learning How to Write in English

JIC: So, you’re studying IELTS? I heard that you started from IB and then you went to PS then you went to IELTS?

Victor: Yes

So how long is it?

I stayed in IB for 4 weeks, and 2 weeks in PS.

Only 2 weeks?

Yes, only 2 weeks. Now I’m in IELTS

And how long will you stay in IELTS?

6 weeks in total but now I only have 4 weeks.

Oh, the last term so it’s like 3 times. Wow! Why, why did you choose IELTS? I mean do you have a place to go to?

Ah no, actually I don’t have any plans to have a real test. But I think in JIC, IELTS is the best course to learn English more.

Very stressful though, what do you think?

Yes, it is, and I have more homework.

And stricter… it’s like IB but on a different level.

But it’s good.

Oh, it’s good for you. Why do you wanna learn English?

I don’t want to have any hindrance while talking with foreign people, that’s the main reason.

You have lots of foreigner friends in Korea?

I had many friends but now not anymore because I don’t use SNS anymore because it’s disturbing me. I was in a volunteer group, a member of the volunteer group at my university which helped 23 students in other countries.


Victor (Woo Hyun)

Do you think you have improved your English? Now that you studied.

Yes, I think so.

What’s the most difficult challenge you had here in JIC?

I think it is writing


Actually, in Korea, I don’t have enough experience, enough chance to write English. In here, it is a part of their course that I had many opportunities in writing in English and I learned how to write so it is very helpful.

In IELTS, you take the Academic course or the General Training?


So you are learning on how to write essays and graphs. It’s very difficult don’t you think?

Yes, but the main reason I choose Academic is reading. Because reading in General Module is boring.

Anyways, what’s your plan after IELTS? What’s your plan after JIC?

After JIC I’m going to study in India. India is one of my bucket list countries I want to visit there and I want to experience their culture.