PINES – How PIA helped Dae Myung enhance his English skills

Dae Myung/EO, Korea

I came to Pines International Academy in July last year but I also went here 6 years ago. During that time, I stayed in Cooyeesan Hotel. The memories I had at that time were the happiest ones in my life. For six years, I longed to go back to the Philippines. So here I am, but this time I am staying in Chapis campus and currently taking IELTS course.

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Actually, I don’t need a specific IELTS score for a job or going to a university. I chose to take it because I expected that if I studied IELTS, I could enhance my English skills in all parts (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Since coming here, I greatly improved because all IELTS tasks in PIA enable me to study very hard. I became aware of my task weak points and in return get coaching from my teachers. I have been working on improving these points. The books that I use are very helpful for my development, and I totally respect the content of the books and the curriculum team behind it because it is based on years of research and testing.

study english in philippines IELTS testimonials

Dae Myung/EO