BECI – Teachers Team Building

May 26, 2018 | Caba La Union

Theme: United We Stand Divided We Fall

Team building is a fun and healthy way of establishing stronger bonds among co-workers. The teachers are the precious instrument in attaining the goal of the school, so training them more to become effective not only professionally in academics sense but also in their values of right attitude in dealing with both students and teachers. So to reward our teachers for a job well done, our school arranged a Team Building which was scheduled on 26th of May 2018.

The event was held at Caba, La Union. The venue is in beachfront, has a function hall that accommodated all the teachers and staff. Moreover, the beach has a wide shore, which is perfect for team-building activities.

Participants of the activity departed from Baguio City at 7:00 in the morning, and arrived at the venue at around 8:30. The trip had taken for 1 hour and 30 minutes by a private bus.

Before the program started the participants are given time to take a rest and get acquainted with the area. The program kicked off with an opening remark by the academic coordinator Teacher Mariza. The first game was to build a stone tower with the objective of building trust and unity among teachers. The participants were divided into four groups and competed with each other. They also played human tug-of-war which is actually a new game for everyone. Later in the afternoon at 1:00pm everybody enjoyed their lunch.

They spend a lot of time playing games and taking selfies everywhere. After all those exhausting games and before going back to Baguio, teacher Mela gave each one of them a life virtue. The virtues they received were mere words yet each of them would agree that it was very meaningful. Many small things make a big difference “Teaching our students” patience and understanding in dealing with them, these tasks, though small in nature, can make a big difference in people lives.

Since this activity promotes camaraderie and a healthier working environment for the employees and the employer, teachers and staff were requesting and looking forward to the next team building.

This activity ends with the saying “Coming Together is a Beginning, Staying Together is a progress, and Working Together is Success!” – Henry Ford.