JIC – Interview with Teacher JM

JIC: Okay JM, John Michael how long have you’ve been teaching here?

JM: Actually, I’ve been teaching for almost 6 months. I started last November last year. But I was already teaching here last 2015 or 2014 because I started in JIC Junior or the Junior Camp, the Winter Camp, and then the Summer Camp

When was that?

That was way back in 2015. I started with teacher Rosy; we were batch mates.

Okay, that makes a lot of sense.

Hmmm, but during that time I started working with the Juniors and I was transferred here in JIC-IB before for 4 months. Then, I transferred again to JIC Junior for Summer Camp.

Yeah, it’s really good how was the transition very different from teaching now.

Actually, I really like it.

Which one?



Because I have the chance to teach students with different levels. So, I wanted to be flexible also because not most of the time I will be handling the same level of students and I love it. I also love teaching children because they’re really fun to deal with.

Was it difficult to teach different types of levels, especially from Juniors to Adults?

Hmmm, in my case, no, because sometimes I tend to be childish too, so I really like the energy of the children and then when it comes to adults it’s another level again

But it’s a different type of level.

Yeah, I want something that varies and I don’t want to be stagnant when it comes to teaching students because sometimes it worries me if I’m teaching the students with the same level, so you really need to find something that challenges you most of the time.

Is this the most difficult challenge in JIC like or there are some others?

In my case, I can see that it has it is a really big challenge for me. It’s really hard but it keeps me awake. It keeps me energetic because if I’m going to teach the students with the same level. It’s like and if I’m doing it the same time or all the time. It really bores me so… hmm… you know. what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. hahaha.


John Michael “JM” Ternola

How were you able to teach the Juniors, I mean, what was your strategy?

For the Juniors, because for the children you need to have a positive mind you need to play with them but it’s not really playing you need to have a good strategy about it because if you play with them literally play, it’s not studying anymore so you need to have a good strategy you need to use your vocabulary also so while playing they are also learning.

How about your energy I see you’re quite energetic, how do you use your energy to your advantage to teach IB students?

To the IB student, because most of them are really adults, so I tend to level my experience with them. I try to connect with their experience, so I tend to look for our same ground. If I’m able to look for the same ground, we are able to use these as fun moments and especially with adults for the guys and the women. Of course, they have the different thoughts about this study, so I tend to look for that something that will make them interested in my subject.