JIC – Interview with Teacher Rosy

JIC: Teacher Rosy, how long have you been?

ROSY: I’ve been teaching here for three years.

You started straight in IB?

Uh no. I taught people like juniors, I started in JIC juniors.

Anyways so the first time you came to JIC what did you think about JIC?

When I started teaching in JIC. I think JIC can help to improve the student’s level of English all — grammar, reading, listening, comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.

Okay, and what class do you teach?

Currently, I’m teaching group lessons in grammar.

Grammar. Do you like that?

I hate grammar but I’m teaching grammar. hahaha

Is it difficult to teach grammar to your students?

Uh yes. Perhaps because it depends on the level of the students. Yes, so if the level of the students is beginner you need to teach them the like the level of their English level like beginner also. You need to be flexible if the students are intermediate then you need to be also intermediate like I said.

Any challenges in teaching these students?

Ah yes of course.

Like what? What’s the biggest challenge?

For me, like in group lessons because it’s my first time to teach group lessons here in IB. So the first time I felt nervous and I wasn’t confident to teach group lessons.

But you had training right? You had lots and lots of training and you’ve been teaching grammar for quite some time now.


How do you teach beginners?

Of course, I need to like do phrasing like cut cut cut like this. Yes, you don’t need to ask new questions completely and you don’t need to use um high vocabulary. you should use simple vocabulary.

You just had your team building a few days ago, did you go to the team building?

Ah yes.

How was it?

It was good because here in JIC IB we have like the difference of our friends at that time. We became like one family.

Fantastic. So how’s your experience being in the IB family?

I think JIC can treat you as a family. Teachers help each other in good times and in bad times.

So basically like a real family no matter what happens you stick together right?


T. Rosie

Rosalina “ROSY” Ducusin