PINES – Sena tells why she chose PIA

Kon’nichiwa. I am Sena Kaneko and I am a university junior student from Japan. Though my major is Japanese literature, I must study world literature because my field of research is related to World War II. This is also the reason why I need to study English. Furthermore, I hope to study in America as an exchange student after graduating from the university. I plan to take my Master’s Degree there.

study english in philippines IELTS testimonials

Why PIA? ‘Coz my senior’s English growth is so great…

I have a senior in Japan and she studied at Pines for 4 months. She recommended PIA to me and I took her advice because I saw that she improved a lot. Another reason why I chose Pines is that of the location. Chapis campus is far from the city. It is conducive to learning because it is not too noisy. English Only Policy is also implemented. Maybe for other students, it is too strict but I think it is great because it makes us improve faster. The managers and staffs are likewise kind.

In addition, the teachers have extraordinary skills in teaching IELTS. They share helpful strategies that I can use in studying IELTS. For instance, my reading teacher tells me what to do when I am confused in the comprehension part.

My way of studying English

Every day, I review and prepare for the class. For example, in reading I answer the exercises then I check the correct answers. If I missed something, then I will think until I completely understand it. If there are some difficult vocabularies, I write them down and I memorize them until I can define their meaning.

study english in philippines IELTS testimonials

Before coming to Pines

For students who are planning to come to Pines Academy to study English, they should learn the basic grammar and vocabularies. This would really help them. Remember also that studying English can be sometimes stressful, so relax whenever you can. As for me, I go out with my friends on the weekend. I strongly suggest that students go to Mines View because this place is beautiful and the air is fresh.